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Highlights of Mechanical Engineering Skills

• Performed Failure Analysis and Root Cause Analysis
• Evaluated requirements to assess suitability of off-the-shelf equipment
• Created engineering specifications, parts list, performs machine design, creating new designs and modifying existing designs
• Created ruggedized electronic packaging designs
• Generated part and assembly models and prepares design documentation
• Devised enclosure and packaging designs to meet design requirements
• Provided mechanical design support to manufacturing organization
• Provided mechanical input to business development in support of proposals
• Performed 3D CAD modeling, structural analysis, machine design, thermal management design, design documentation, test procedures, component selection, troubleshooting, manufacturing support, and vendor liaison
• Evaluated tolerance stack up and analysis
• Performed mechanical system testing as needed to validate designs
• Analyzed structures to predict deflections, stress and dynamic behavior
• Characterized thermal systems and components
• Analyzed mechanical assemblies for thermal management optimization
• Performed field failure analyses as required
• Sheet metal and plastic parts design principles
• 10 years Electronic Packaging
• 15 years experience with SolidWorks
• 22 years with Autocad
• 3 years analyses and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) design
• 3 years finite element structural analysis (FEA), including calculations of stresses, safety margins, and modal analysis
• Familiarity of ANSI Y14.5 and DOD standards, requirements and research
• Mold design for HDPE, LDPE and other thermoform and thermoset plastics
• Sheet metal enclosure design,